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What others thought of the show...

"A tremendous contribution towards a better understanding and ultimate action to support LGBTI people experiencing family violence. A must see!!”

Ro Allen - Commissioner for Gender & Sexuality

Ultimately joyous and uplifting – surprising considering the topics it deals in... [Russ] takes you through his own conflicted journey, at once trying to face up to the brutality of his relationship, and at others going to great lengths to convince himself that everything is fine – so long as he keeps singing”.

Kate O'Halloran - The Guardian

Obviously a very powerful performance, which on a personal level is courageous and inspiring to others, but also a stark reminder of how common the issue actually is... Very courageous for Rusty to get up there and tell his personal story, in what was a very emotional (and at times humorous) way.  

Caroline Bayer - Victorian AIDS Council

I was deeply moved and was once again reminded of the powerful impact of lived experience. The style of the presentation was informative, moving, very real and was somehow uplifting at the same time... You've gotta love the power of song!

Lyn Eales - Brophy Family Services

It goes way beyond a poster or pamphlet in not only showing us what LGBT intimate partner violence looks like, but through Russ’s powerful storytelling and songs, it allows us to know what it feels like

Simon Ruth - CEO Victorian AIDS Council

The perfect vessel to display a relationship marred by domestic violence in all its complicated darkness – and open up a discussion, or even a chink of light, for others going through the same thing.

Lane Sainty - Buzzfeed

The show was incredibly powerful! Russell moved me to many tears of anger and sadness but also to tears of joy when he sang his strength and new happiness.

Sally Marsden - Domestic violence service worker

I think the performance was courageous and wonderful

Rebekah Pozega - Audience Member

Moving, brave piece. Well done.

It brought the human side of the victim alive and explained how a person can stay in a situation with intimate partner violence. It also allowed Russ to show off his talents that had been so suppressed while in that relationship.

Bronwyn O'Çallaghan - Peninsula Pride

Educating and entertaining - win win!

Cathie Graham - EACH Social and Community Health


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