the cabaret

My Other Closet 2014 promo image

"My Other Closet: The Cabaret’’ is an entertainment event and awareness campaign addressing domestic violence in the general community but especially within LGBTIQ relationships. It’s launch was held in in October 2013 in Sydney as a “Community Forum” for key service providers in the area.  ‘‘‘My Other Closet: The Cabaret’’’ then had its first season run at The Seymour Centre as part of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival 2014. It is currently in production again, this time n Melbourne for a Community Forum and training event in October 2016 and a public season in July 2017.

"My Other Closet: The Cabaret" is the true story of one man’s experience of domestic violence in a same-sex relationship and his road to recovery. Russ, a father of 3 now in his 50’s, takes us on a musical journey through the story of his life. Beginning in a Melbourne gay bar in the 1970’s, we follow Russ’s queer journey through a 17 year straight marriage, and into his first same-sex relationship; a relationship riddled with extreme violence, psychological and emotional abuse, manipulation, and control…

But wait! This story can and does have a happy ending! We follow Russ as he finds the courage to proclaim “this is not what love looks like” in a moving process of healing, with the help of his first love; Music.

Woven with stories from his past and a sprinkling of jazz and crooner re-workings of classic pop songs such as “Love on the Rocks”, “Help!”, and “I Will Survive” (with the help of accomplished composer & musician, Daryl Wallis),  "My Other Closet: The Cabaret" is a true story of domestic violence told from an insider’s perspective. .Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes heart-wrenching, this layered performance leaves the audience with a lasting impression and creates dialogue and discussion about an issue too rarely discussed.  

The message of "My Other Closet: The Cabaret" is:  Everyone deserves to feel safe, to feel loved without fear. Everyone.